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Welcome to Rare.io, and congratulations on finding us! No matter how you made your way here, whether through word of mouth, by searching on the app store, or maybe a friendly support rep who sent you our way, we’re happy you’re here and ready to begin your exciting adventure into Email Marketing.

There are lots of myths and rumours out there, but never fear—we’re here to help make your journey through the world of Email Marketing as smooth and stress-free as possible.

First of all, let’s dispel some of those myths:

Isn’t Email Marketing dead?!? Social Media is where everyone is at now!

This is a common misconception these days. Social media is on fire, so wouldn’t you want to be a part of that? Of course you would! A successful marketing campaign for any merchant relies on having multiple channels for funneling people into your store, so if you don’t already have a Facebook page set up, get to it! You’ll definitely reap the benefits of using as many different platforms as you can to spread the word about your business.

But … what’s the first thing any social media platform is going to ask you for when you sign up?? Your email address. That’s because email is still widely regarded as the most reliable and efficient way to stay in touch with people.

An email is a targeted message to a specific individual, and feels much more personal than a message sent via any of the social media channels that are, by nature, very public. In contrast, sending an email is like being invited into your reader’s private space for an intimate one-on-one meeting, during which you’ll have their complete attention—even if only for a few brief moments.

So should you be using social media? Absolutely! But remember, although social media platforms come and go (remember Myspace?), email is fundamental.

I don’t want to spam people! Email Marketing is just spam!

Of course you don’t. Nothing is more annoying than being the unwilling recipient of a constant stream of marketing emails—all offering the same deals on slightly different products—day after day after day.

Effective email marketing is not about spam. It’s about reaching out to your customers with information you already KNOW they want.

How do you know? Because they’ve told you: first, by entering their email address in a pop-up window signifying their agreement to accept marketing-related communications from you, and second (in most cases) by confirming their interest again by responding to a confirmation email from you (known as a “Double Opt-In”). They want to hear from you, so give them what they want: informative, relevant, and up-to-date content and offers they’ll find hard to resist.

How often can I safely email prospective clients—without fear of annoying them?

Good question! Everyone tends to have a different tolerance level for email marketing. Some people are only interested in granting you temporary access to their inbox to take advantage of a coupon or special deal, and will unsubscribe as soon as they have it. Others are actively looking for more information about you and your business. Eventually you’ll become familiar enough with your customer base to be able to gauge a prospect’s level of interest. Based on what you know about your recipients and the response you are hoping to elicit, here are a few of the types of emails that you can choose to send out:

Newsletters: Update people monthly, weekly, quarterly, or even yearly with information about what you’ve been up to. Newsletters are great for introducing new products, citing published studies that support your products, quoting news articles that talk about your company and/or products, and even for providing small bios of your staff members. Keeping people up-to-date with quality content and interesting information like this can really help to strengthen their connection to your company and your brand.

It’s important to keep your promises though! If you promise to provide people with new info once a week, send them an email once a week. Don’t hit them up every day, but don’t keep them waiting either.

Welcome Series Emails: Welcome Series Emails are a great way to build trust—fast. Start a conversation with your prospective clients by introducing yourself in an automated email. Talk about your goals, why you started your company, and how you hope to improve their day-to-day existence with your product. In short, give them some irresistible reasons for connecting with you and your brand.

Order Follow-up Emails: Current and active customers are your lifeblood, and if they’ve just bought something from you, why not reward them?! Incentivize them to return by offering follow-up coupon codes and/or alerting them to super-secret sales just for active customers!

Abandoned Cart Emails: These highly-effective automated emails are a great “set it and forget it” strategy that can be used to reel back in those customers who ALMOST bought something from you. If they got that far along in the process once, chances are that they’re only one good discount offer away from plunging in and purchasing!

NOTE: Abandoned cart emails are not available for BigCommerce clients yet.

Any of these suggested email sequences will help your customer base to feel welcomed, appreciated, and informed. Almost effortlessly, you’ll have created a personal connection to help build trust and interest. Even more importantly, when you email them the next time to announce the launch of your big Black Friday sale or your Summer Solstice Extravaganza, they won’t mistake your message for spam. They’ll be interested and engaged in your campaign, because they’ll already be familiar with, and trust, your brand.

So let’s get started on the basics of using Rare to help grow your business!

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