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An introduction to email verification

Welcome to Emailable! If you're here it means you've either signed up for our email verification app or you're just curious about it, but either way welcome. Let's talk a little bit about Emailable and what it can do for you.

Why Verify?

Anyone who collects emails for mass distribution has faced the reality that when you’re emailing hundreds, thousands or even tens of thousands of people at once, some of those emails are going to wind up “undeliverable”. 

Undeliverable email has a measurable effect however on your sender score: your business or brand’s reputation for sending emails. While the exact figure will differ between different internet service providers and even email providers like Gmail, AOL, or Outlook you can usually count on knowing that for every ‘bounced’ email you send, nearly five of your emails are getting sent directly to spam. 

That’s 46% of your total list winding up in the junk folder. The more ‘bounces’ you have, the worse it gets. Brand reputation is important, that’s where Emailable comes in.

What we do

Emailable is your total solution for contact list verification. By uploading your contact list before sending out your campaign we can verify who on your list is going to bounce and unsubscribe them from your campaign before you damage your sender reputation. Less emails in the junk folder means more $$$ in your pocket.

Why automate?

Email verification technology is nothing new, what separates Emailable from our competition is the ‘on demand’ nature of a DIY platform. No need to email us your contact lists and wait for us to get back to you. Simply upload your list into our system, click ‘verify’ and sit back. 

You’ll be able to download your fully verified list in no time.

In this next section we’ll take you on a tour of Emailable’s Dashboard and where you can go to get verifying!

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