Lists vs. Segments: What’s the Difference?

Through the use of Lists and Segments, Rare gives you the power to get really specific with who you email. But what’s the difference between a List of people and a Segment of people?

A Segment is a group of people from your total contact list who all have something in common.

Example: If you have 10,000 contacts and 1,000 of them live in France, those 1,000 French contacts make up a “Segment” of your total contacts.

With Rare you can create Segments from your total contacts based on all kinds of identifying information. Identifying information is separated into three categories: Ecommerce Information, Customer Information and Engagement information.

Ecommerce Information is data that relates to the shopping history of customers, and includes information such as the products they’ve purchased, which month they purchased in, how many times they’ve been refunded, which vendors they’ve bought from, and their total order count.

Customer Information is data that relates to the customers themselves, including information like which country, city or region they live in, their customer [quality and status], etc.

Engagement Information is data that relates to the customer's engagement level with your previous campaigns and series. For example, how many times in the last 6 months have they opened a campaign? How many times have they clicked on them? How many conversions do they have? You can use this to sort your customers from highest to lowest engagement with your materials.

A Segment is created by sorting contacts based on any of the criteria listed in Ecommerce Information and Customer Information.

NOTE: Segments are automatically updated whenever customers meet specified conditions. They cannot be updated or adjusted manually.

A List is a group of people who might or might not have something in common. Lists are best used for uploading CSVs. They might consist of contacts who share another platform or lead source in common, or consist of groups of customers that you’ve taken from different Segments and included in a Master List.

Example: You’ve been collecting emails through a pop-up service on your website, and now you want to integrate them into Rare. Since these will be new contacts, you will need to create a new List for them, and the only thing they will have in common is their inclusion in that list.

NOTE: You can add individual names or CSVs with multiple emails to Lists at any time, but Lists will not automatically be updated with new contacts unless Rare has been integrated with another app like Zapier.


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