Predictive Delivery

Predictive Delivery is a feature unique to Rare that allows you to increase your Open rates by up to 3%.

Using shopping data and Open rates from previous Campaigns, our platform “learns” when your customers are online, when they’re shopping, and when they’re reading emails. Your Campaigns are then scheduled to be sent out during these peak times.

How does it work?

When a customer purchases something from your store, Rare records the time that the purchase occurs. It also records Open times for previous Campaigns. Eventually, the system becomes more and more accurate at pinpointing the times when your customers are most likely to be online and reading their emails.

When you set your Campaign to “Predictive”, instead of your emails all sending at once, they are delivered within a 24-hour period, with each individual email being triggered to send at the time when each specific recipient is most likely to open it.

Why is this important?

The average office worker in North America receives up to 121 emails in a single day. A lot of these are marketing Campaigns that are scheduled to show up in their inbox all at the same time.

Imagine waking up and finding five new Campaigns in your inbox first thing in the morning. (It’s not hard to do since, if you’re like the average person, that’s probably your reality.) And like the average person, you probably delete them all without even opening them.

Now imagine that you’ve finished your workday and you’re at home spending a little downtime browsing your favourite online stores. Suddenly, an email comes in offering you a discount on the very same store you were just looking at. Spooky? Just a coincidence? Or extremely well-timed?

People are more likely to open and respond to marketing emails when they arrive at what seems like the perfect time. So why not arrange for your emails to do just that? Predictive Delivery allows you to time your email deliveries to reach your customers at JUST the right time.

How to use Predictive Delivery

When creating a Campaign, there are four steps that must be completed, with the last step being the Sending Options step.


On this page you can select the Predictive Delivery option before you publish your Mailout.


To learn more about creating a Campaign or our other predictive features, click below: 

Creating a Campaign

Predictive Content

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