Creating a Segment

Segments are extremely useful for breaking down your Contact List into subsections of customers and prospects so that you can better target those who are most likely to convert, create compelling Campaigns for likely-to-churn contacts, and re-engage Churned Customers. To learn more about Segments, click here.

There are many ways to segment customers and we will explore all of them in this document.

What you’ll find in this document:

Creating a New Segment

Types of Segmentation


Creating a New Segment

The first step is to click on the Lists tab at the top of your Rare platform screen to open up the Lists & Segments page.

Once there, click the NEW LIST/SEGMENT button.


This button will trigger a popup where you can choose between creating a new List or a new Segment. Select “NEW SEGMENT”.


Clicking the New Segment button will bring you to the ‘create’ page where you can name and choose the conditions for your Segment.

To create a Segment, you first have to choose the conditions your contacts need to meet in order to be included in it. These are things that they have in common according to which they can be grouped. You can specify just one condition or multiple conditions, depending on how specific you want your Segment to be.


Once you’ve finished setting your conditions you can select “UPDATE COUNT” to see how many contacts will be sorted into the new segment before you save it.

Make sure to click SAVE, or the new Segment won’t be added to your drop-down of available segments to receive the Mailout when you create your next Campaign.


Types of Segmentation

As mentioned above, segmentation is based on conditions that contacts must meet in order to be grouped into ‘like’ categories. Take a look at this list of conditions you can create segments on:

Cancelled order count


Coupons used

Purchased products names

Purchased products vendors

Refunded order count



Total order count



Customer quality

Customer status



Zip or Postal code

Clicks All Time

Clicks in the lsat 3 Months

Clicks in the last 6 Months

Clicks in the last Year

Conversions All Time

Conversions in the last 3 Months

Conversions in the last 6 Months

Conversions in the last YEar

Opens All Time

Opens in the last 3 Months

Opens in the last 6 Months

Opens in the last Year


To learn more about advanced segmentation techniques click below!

Stacking Conditions

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