Why Choose Us?

When you get down to it, the first question anyone asks before they sign up to a platform is: Why these guys? What makes them special?

Emailable makes it easy to verify your email lists, so that you know you are only sending your marketing content to verified inboxes.

Sending emails to addresses that haven't been verified hurts your email sending reputation, which as a consequence, will cause more of your emails to be marked as spam or even get your entire domain blacklisted.

Emailable ensures you only send emails to real people, protects your shop’s sender reputation, and helps increase your open rates and sales.

We are a white-hat provider, committed to improving the email marketing game by ensuring that your sender score is top notch and that all your emails are going to inboxes, not junkmail.

What we do

Clean your Marketing Lists

Import the email marketing lists you want cleaned, and we’ll take care of the rest. Import lists from your online store, email marketing platform, or uploaded files.

First rate Automation

Automation ensures you never bounce an email again. We automatically unsubscribe anyone we find to be undeliverable, fix emails with typos, and re-verify your marketing lists every 30 days.

Form Validation

Prevent fake, spam, and other bad emails from getting into your marketing lists with a simple javascript plugin on your signup forms.

Ready to get started?

Let's get verifying!

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