Verifying Your Emails

Verifying your emails may seem like an inconvenient middle step between collecting all those valuable customer and prospect emails and sending out your specially targeted email campaigns but it’s probably the most important step of them all.

Verifying your emails ensures that no one on your contact list winds up being ‘bogus’ and damaging your brand’s sender reputation. The more emails that reach their destination, the more reliable your business looks and the less likely you are to be automatically filtered out by email providers in future. So let’s get started.

On this page the first thing you might notice is the bar at the top of the page enabling you to verify a single email at a time. Simply type your email in this box and press the checkbox to verify! 


If the email is a valid one - you should see this!


If not - you’ll see this instead:


When you’re uploading multiple emails this colour wheel will help you understand how much of your contact list is deliverable by acting as a graph like this:


Now that you’ve uploaded a few individual emails - it’s time to upload multiple emails in a list!

Verifying Multiple Emails

You have a couple options when it comes to verifying lists of emails. Uploading the list as a CSV file, or by adding an integration with your e-commerce or email service. To learn more about adding integrations click here.

There are two ways to upload a CSV list to be verified. You can click either Add List in the top right hand corner, or below Import List, as seen here:


Once you’ve clicked either button - you’ll see a popup that appears like this: 


Click the box to upload your CSV customer file. Once it’s uploaded it will appear below in the imported lists section and you’ll get a notification above letting you know it’s been imported.


You’ll also be email notified when your list is finished being verified. For particularly long lists this function is to let you know that you can come back and export the list! It’s all done. 

To download your list. Click the arrow button beside the list name and you should see this sidebar pop-up. Scrolling down to the bottom all you need to do is click “download”.


It’s as easy as that! Simply upload your file, verify and reap the benefits of having a totally transparent list of email contacts. You’re ready to start sending!

If you’re uploading your list of contacts from Shopify, Mailchimp or Big Commerce, click the links below to learn how to integrate them with Emailable.

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